March 24th, 2011 by retail design blog

Nanogel, also known as Blue Smoke, is a feather-light silicon aerogel.This solid, translucent, blue-tinged substance is 97% vacuum and 3% amorphous silicon. Initial, highly specialized applications limited the product mainly to the aerospace industry. Thanks to its exceptional heat- and sound-insulation properties, however, a granulated form of Nanogel is currently proving successful in the field of architecture. Sandwiching Nanogel between two panes of glass multiplies the degree of insulation offered by such double glazing by as much as four times.The light that filters through is soft and homogeneous, making the product particularly suited to museum settings. Nanogel is a stable, extremely fire-resistant substance that does not react to UV light or humidity. Density: 90 g / litre.

Origonal Bipolar Units by Bona-Lemercier architectes
Origonal Bipolar Units by Bona-Lemercier architectes
Shell Lace structure by Tonkin Liu
Continuing recent research trends in the ways nature can inspire new archite...
Bite & Go Deli Café by Yaroslav Galant, Kiev - Ukraine
Yaroslav Galant refines eclectic Bite and Go Deli in the heart of Kiev
LET’s RIDE Lafayette by DAS-studio, Paris - France
The same brass is used for the lights that are custom made to fit the space ...

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