Supracor / Stimulite Honeycomb

March 24th, 2011 by retail design blog

In the past, honeycomb structures have been used primarily to create strong, lightweight products. Supracor aerospace honeycomb, made from thermoplastic elastomers, has a soft, flexible feel that makes it intriguing and fun. Highly versatile, Supracor combines a geometric structure with remarkable flexibility for good performance. A product with ‘memory’, it can return to its original shape; and it relies on anisotropic qualities for differing degrees of resistance and flexibility. Supracor can be manufactured in a variety of configurations, thicknesses and levels of compressive resistance. Excellent for applications requiring shock absorption and cushioning, such as footwear, sports and military protective gear, and seating (can be totally ventilated). Other uses include massage accessories, bathroom fittings and acoustic panelling.

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