March 24th, 2011 by retail design blog

As a manufacturer specializing in new plastic fabrics, foams and gels, Synthetix and its various consultants focus on materials well suited to the needs of architects and designers. Current favourites are silicone and polyurethane, plastics from which Synthetix crafts products such as foam membranes, innovative gels, silky fabrics and transformative materials. Synthetix offers clients advice and prototyping services, beginning with the simplest of ideas and culminating in the integration of a mass-produced object into today’s complex markets.

Replay store, Cologne
The redesigned vintage look 430m² Replay store in Cologne, with natural mate...
LOOP sound absorbing panel by Anne Kyyrö Quinn
LOOP panels can suppress unwanted indirect sound waves such as reflections t...
Lost Time installation by Glithero for Perrier-Jouët
Lost Time installation by Glithero for Perrier-Jouët
La Paletta wall panel system by KDOMAZIDLIBYDLI
Transparent coloured shelves are made from special Plexiglas characterized b...

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