3D Effect Wall Design by ÉLITIS

May 16th, 2011 by retail design blog

There is closing new generation wall at city! This wallpaper with effect 3D take Elitists a two year for out and out, but it seemly being waited! Wallpaper this thermoformed modern feature, trend’s motif that our Botanica’s love and break even has two looked a long cry but all same charming to Your house. “Vas” are one pattern, contemporaneous is not conventional; ground lining and geometric forms cycles visual’s affix pulls. To see more traditional but still modern, “Botanica” are plant creep, leaf and flower, interpreted by a new one. Beyond is balmy aesthetic, wallpaper this thick, offering effective acoustic quality ideal for home theater, game and chamber music.


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2 thoughts on “3D Effect Wall Design by ÉLITIS

  1. Heather R. says:

    I absolutely love the 3D wallpaper designs. I do have a question though- How do they do the 3D effect? Is it really a 3 dimensional extra thick wallpaper, or just some kind of an optical illusion? Thank you for sharing!

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