Selfridges Loves The Sea

May 24th, 2011 by retail design blog

If you didn’t know already man kind is destroying the sea like never before. In a few generation s there will probably not be any more seafood to eat due to our ways. Selfridges is running a month with everything about under the sea. The wonder room and the three windows around it holds and exhibition curated by Judith Clark. Blow presents visited it this work as two BLOW presents designers are part of it. Iris van Herpen and Emma Yeo. Also BLOW pr’s J Smith Esq are part of it.

All photos are by Frida Agren

Ferrari windows 2013 Winter, London
Ferrari windows 2013 Winter, London
Prodomo windows 2014 winter, Vienna
Prodomo windows 2014 winter, Vienna
Anemone store by BBC arquitectos, Buenos Aires - Argentina
The designed piece with its colors, dynamism and lights gives to the visitor...
Seibu Shibuya Christmas window installation by we+, Tokyo - Japan
"Surprise" is a Christmas theme of Seibu-Shibuya in this year. we+...

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