Puma store by Plajer & Franz Studio, Tokyo Harajuku

May 25th, 2011 by retail design blog

After a complete redesign by Plajer & Franz Studio and under the direction of Ales Kernjak (global store concept manager of the Puma Retail ag) the Puma store in Tokyo Harajuku located on the famous Jingumae street re-opened its doors in september 2010.

The main idea was to add some new and fresh elements to the existing store concept which would visually and in practice reflect Pumas’ joyful approach combined with a clear destination.

The new heart of the store became the newly created  brand wall behind the till point in the iconic Puma red: built out of separate and removable cubes it allows for various elements to be included to it as well as taken away. Local artists will be invited to do a redesign of the brand wall and thus give the store a fresh, new look on a regular basis.

Since shopping is no longer just about choosing the things one likes but more an experience that includes customers interaction, be it in the real or virtual world, it is an important aspect that had to be taken into account when redesigning the store. Plajer & Franz Studio created a special e-commerce tower with an integrated screen where customers can actually design their very unique and customized shoes. interactively created and viewed on the screen, the shoes can be then shipped to any destination in the world.

To make the shopping experience even more entertaining, there is a special event space created with a big kicker table in the middle of it. Not just for customers to be used during the shopping-experience but also as an opportunity for tournaments to be arranged by Puma following the idea… play with friends and be part of the Puma family! 

Three key aspects were to be taken into account: creating different areas, enhancing consumer interaction and using sustainable materials. All these combined with an added touch of lightness and fun.

Photography credits:
Yasuaki Matsumoto

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