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Everyone likes shopping and then wearing a carefully chosen garment, we enjoy the new look and feel, it grows to be part of our personality. But how many of us come to think about what is behind the scenes, who are the people who create this experience? With this blog, we want to assist these people, the retail designers and visual merchandisers to provide news and information about retail trends, solutions. Besides presenting interesting concepts, designers can comment on the blog and share views and ideas. We would like the talents of this professions to come forward, get to know each other and raise the niveau of the profession together.

We are also working in this area [www.articashop.com], our goal is to provide shoppers a better experience, thus helping our clients to raise their turnover.

If you would like to join our community or upload materials, please send an e-mail to artica@mobilia-artica.hu

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    I just discover your site, I love it , It is so creative, just amazing.

  2. Mariana Ulhoa says:

    The best of the world

  3. ISIS says:

    Hey! I’m an interior designer and I want to thank very much for posting FOOD COURTS, I love this spaces and nowadays it’s pretty usefull for me. I love this page.

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    thank’s FOR YOUR SITE , it really helped us

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