Mazzo by Concrete Architectural Associates

July 7th, 2011 by retail design blog

This is a typical Amsterdam building: the space is narrow and very deep fused together with different floor and ceiling levels, which automatically provides a natural position for the restaurant. Located in Rozengracht, has a ceiling height of five feet and the face is directed outward. Size is perfect for a bar, where guests can order a quick espresso or a drink at the bar that high. Lighting of the series Bestlite by GUBI create intimacy in this space. wall lights above the chesterfield sofa nine yards and suspension lights on the bar and bar at xs and XL sizes create an atmosphere of the living room.

A few original stone columns divide this section into two zones. Darkest part of the whole building is perfect for the home kitchen. Restaurant seating area opposite the kitchen with the arrangement, the desk is simple but flexible like Trattoria. A variety of tables for two or eight and each table has a beautiful view of the chef in the kitchen. Five Dear Ingo lamp by illuminating MOOOI comfortable seating area. Independent table setting, this modern chandelier provides a fun and intimate light. Four portraits of people in different age categories provide a sense of Italian family where guests can become part during dinner. For a real family dinner or meeting business guests can use meeting rooms. A cozy room with TV and fireplace screen, next to the kitchen, which can be closed when privacy is preferred.

An arrowing in the building creates a small back room where the children can play during the day under the watch of their parents. On the evening of toys can be lost in the cabinet behind the black-and-white curtains blocked and guests can retreat to the sofa eleven meters long coat to enjoy a glass of good wine and have a pleasant conversation. Again Bestlite by GUBI wall lamp creates a feeling like home. Material sets the tone for the interior design of raw and honest: power floated concrete, cracked brick, stone, pine wood and raw steel. The first three ingredients are part of the skin of the building, all new materials are steel and wood. The window frames on the cabinet and mezzanine floor in front of a classic restaurant is really made of crude steel. Steel beams and columns are affected and extra floors provided with metal mesh expanded untreated. Use honest and simple ingredients do not interfere with the eyes of the guests’ and underlines the fact that the restaurant focuses on food.

Designed by: Concrete Architectural Associates

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