Galante store by Creneau International, Bruges

July 15th, 2011 by retail design blog

A Tale of Two Princes (and many, many shoes)… Marilyn Monroe can sing what she wants, but we know for a fact that shoes are a girl’s best friend (and a man’s too). Just ask Alain and Robbie from Galante. These two flamboyant gentlemen know all about the most exclusive – sometimes even eccentric – shoes, and give every customer the royal treatment. The pair courteously asked Creneau International to turn the new shop location into a theatrical yet stylish décor, where – like in every fairy tale – the perfect shoe always finds its perfect owner. And guess what, their wish was granted.

The store is divided in two areas by a smaller storage room in the middle. Covering this functional ‘box’ in luscious red roses and juxtaposing it to a wall wide mirror, we managed to turn a structural flow-stopper into a striking show-stopper. At the front of the store, a stunning chandelier doubles as a shoe platform, hanging from a mystical custom-made ornamental rosette with lion heads and little angels. Two horses holding small chandeliers in their mouths light the back room. A delicate tableau in white displays fairytale creatures and features – surrounded by the most beautiful shoes.

Keeping the colour palette limited to a sober white and complementary rich burgundy red, the focus remains on the true stars of this store: the most chic and swanky shoes you will ever find in the beautiful city centre of Bruges …

Images © Philippe Van Gelooven

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