Tazmania Ballroom by Tom Dixon Studio, Hong Kong

July 22nd, 2011 by retail design blog

Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2011

International Bar Winner

Local and international celebrities plus serious partygoers are flocking to TAZMANIA BALLROOM, the latest venue of ”Dragon-I”s founder Gilbert Yeung and the first Asian design project of Tom Dixon, through his Design Research Studio. TAZMANIA BALLROOM, located on the 1st floor of Lan Kwai Fong Tower in Hong Kong has recently been shortlisted in the ”International Bar” category of Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2011 and it is the sister venue to Hong Kong’s ultra-exclusive nightspot ”Dragon-I” which has retained its reputation as the coolest lounge club in the city for the past eight years… Inspired by fond memories of a British boarding school and college in Canada, the latest venture of Gilbert Yeung reflects images of the dark, smoke-filled venues he frequented as a student.

From the bronze mirrored staircase entrance, guests emerge into a dark, decadent and at the same time stylish and glamorous space with an elevated DJ booth, a pool table area, a long bar and an outdoor terrace. The interior walls feature geometric diamond buttresses to the cavernous ceiling on one side and plaster floor to ceiling bookshelves on the other.

And while TAZMANIA BALLROOM’s gold-plated pool tables continue as a major drawcard, they are also magically raised to the ceiling revealing a dance floor or ping-pong tables as another popular diversion for the “Ping is the new Bling” nights where guests eager to display their talent and games meet glam!

Already declared Hong Kong new headquarters for glamour, glitz and games, TAZMANIA BALLROOM set a new benchmark for party venues and previously disconnected diversions now conveniently located within one exciting new venue. And the best part? It’s bar menu guarantees an evening to remember starting with TAZMANIA BALLROOM’s signature cocktail, “Funk Me Up”. Cheers!

Images Courtesy of Tazmania Ballroom

Lead designer
Tom Dixon Studio


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