Aura store by Dalziel and Pow, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

November 15th, 2011 by retail design blog

We have developed and designed a new fashion homewares brand, Aura, for the Middle Eastern market. Our brief was to create a brand identity, store environment and brand communications, including their packaging, to encapsulate a new confident and younger Saudi Arabian and wider Middle Eastern style.

We have created a brand that although largely ‘western’ in influence appeals to the young style conscious Saudi consumer. For the new logomark, logotype and all in-store communications, we designed English and Arabic versions. The brand has been built around a determination for the best quality and design in every detail, from the translucent carrier bags with bespoke opaque patterns, to the rich dark cerise backlit glass cash desk.

The store is also zoned in departments, from bedroom to bathroom, living to dining, lighting to rugs and accessories. The atmosphere of the environment is dark and moody with strong accent lighting picking out the product to a jewel like quality. The merchandise is grouped in lifestyle displays bringing together vibrant colours and patterns in the contemporary area, mixed with a more subdued palette in the classic display.

This new brand has tried to encapsulate a new confident Saudi style by bringing together products from across the globe and creating a unique mix that will excite the largely conservative Saudi customer.

The highlight of the store and the Jewel in the crown is the ‘Iconic’ area, which sits proudly in the centre of the store as a clean white glowing glass structure radiating light and pulling the customer towards it like a beacon. The Iconic area represents the heart of the brand in which traditional Middle Eastern products are restyled with a contemporary twist, making these pieces unique and desirable as never before.

David Wright
Group Marketing Director
+44(0)20 7837 7117

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