Oasis flagship store by Dalziel and Pow, London

November 22nd, 2011 by retail design blog

Oasis has opened a new flagship store in London’s West End, designed to be a prominent showcase for the Oasis brand. The store uses the two floors to create a feeling of ‘night and day’, with moving stage lamps that enable the mood to change from day to day and season to season. The store acts as more of a showroom than an accessible stockroom; it provides a ‘modern boutique’ experience that builds on the brand personality, to really engage and inspire the Oasis customer.

Placing digital technology at the heart of the shopping experience, the store aims to provide the best customer service on the high street. A suite of iPads, equipped to handle transactions, outnumber fixed tills and allow customers to flick through the brand’s latest online look-book. Further mobile point-of-sale innovations will be introduced in the store over the coming months.

The store has been remodelled, taking the existing central escalators and moving them to one side, leaving an opening between the floors to retain some vision of the upper floor. The effect is dramatic – a spacious but intimate environment that reflects the brand’s ambition to be that modern boutique whose unique personality shines through.

The space is clearly defined by the two distinctly different floors. The ground floor offers a bright and fresh look and feel, in a textural white box that lets the clothes provide the spark. The upper floor is altogether more moody and theatrical, with dark ceilings and high contrasts that create a feeling of day and night.

The contrast is emphasised with a lighting concept where the ground floor is flooded with light reflecting off the light surfaces, while the upper floor is more moody and predominately spotlit. The linking escalator well is signposted in a unique Oasis tone of voice developed for this concept, and is lit by a series of high level spotlights and a number of moving stage lamps.

The fitting rooms are located on the first floor, at the end of the customer journey, to ensure the shopper sees all that the brand has to offer. These changing rooms have been opened up to create a dedicated social space for friends or partners to dwell.

The exterior of the building has been significantly improved. The façade has been cleaned up, re-signed in a style befitting the location, and with lighting that claims ownership of the space in the darker winter evenings. The new exterior promises what the interior delivers.

The new design concept will be rolled out to the Oasis store in Westfield Stratford City, scheduled to open in spring 2012.

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Group Marketing Director
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