Art collection tiles by Petra Antiqua

December 21st, 2011 by retail design blog

Italian producer and exporter of marble and artistic collections Petra Antiqua has introduced ‘Art collection’ – a modern tile line in a range of modern metallic finishes such as gold, copper, silver and iron.

The new Art collection is designed to transform any space into a modern gallery-like space. The collection includes a variety of travertine tiles in a range of mettallic finishes such as gold, copper, silver and iron. They are also available in mother of pearl, red and violet finishes for a more modern version, improving the antique look.

The tiles, which measure 10-by-30, 10-by-60 and 10-by-90 cm, can be placed in vertical or horizontal arrangements, or in a combination of both for enhanced visual appeal. Each individual tile features a unique textural finish. This rough but refined Art collection tiles can go well in any interiors, including living room and bedroom.

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