Shopin brand identity by Marc & Chantal Design

January 11th, 2012 by retail design blog

On the brink of expansion into the rest of China, this Beijing-based discount retailer felt it necessary to do a full review of its brand and create a strong connection with China’s emerging consumer market. Shopin turned to Marc & Chantal Design to marry the brand’s existing and well-established attributes with an entirely new brand identity and experience.

The scope included Marc & Chantal Design’s full branding process – from brand definition, to brand identity, tagline, visual language through to retail experience. Starting with the positioning, Marc & Chantal merged Shopin’s two existing brands – Best Discount and Off Price – into one single proposition: Shopin. The merging of the two brands, led to their new positioning as a “Smart Companion” – a no-frills destination for the value-seeking fashion conscious.

The solution for maintaining brand recognition while adapting a new name? The word “Shopin” is a play on the Chinese name “上品”, meaning “good product”, which sounds similar to the English word, shopping. The logo is a composite of the two Chinese characters 上品, with the two blue dots representing the discount % sign. The Chinese audience instantly embraced the design, finding it smart and friendly – the exact pillars of the brand’s DNA.

Look Smart. Buy Smart. This tagline, created in both Chinese and English has become an essential part of the success of the brand and is intensively used in various media outlets – from radio, to print ads, and in the store itself. The phrase embodies the promise, benefit and the attitude of the brand – all the while enabling total brand recognition.

Shopin proved to be a fearless client. In an extraordinarily competitive market, the brand took calculated risks and approached the entire branding process from a collaborative point of view. The trust and bond formed between Marc & Chantal and Shopin channeled this intrepid branding exercise.

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