Storeage converts Millennium Stadium Skybox into an Under Armour lounge, Cardiff

January 11th, 2012 by retail design blog

Amsterdam, January 10, 2012… With the renewal of its Welsh Rugby Union sponsorship, Under Armour asked Storeage, the Amsterdam-based retail design agency, to transform its current skybox suite at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff into a lounge, showroom and brand showcase. The previous skybox, which was also created by Storeage, was the talk of the town. A striking, all-black affair reflecting the Under Armour brand position at the time, the skybox was a first for the Millennium stadium.

The new WRU lounge from Under Armour is two-times the size of the previous skybox. With a capacity of over 40 persons, the UA lounge is by far the largest skybox in the Millennium stadium and boasts a showroom for the latest products, meeting space, bar and sofa lounge. It is a testament to the solid relationship between the Welsh Rugby Union and Under Armour.

Adding an extension of a neighboring box, Under Armour’s brief was to maintain the impact of the previous, while adding warmth, heritage and multi-functionality to the environment. “The new lounge will go a long way in helping build awareness of Under Armour’s brand heritage,” said Jason Steere, partner and co-founder at Storeage. “The skybox also showcases Under Amour’s commitment to the WRU and at the same time, offers visitors a ‘wow’ experience, be it for an event or showroom visit.”

The Bar doubles as a traditional seating area as well as a merchandisable showcase for both apparel and footwear.

“The space is also completely functional and can be adapted for multiple uses, whether that’s to entertain Under Amour VIPs and athletes or target retailers and other buyers of Under Amour products,” added João Carneiro, Storeage’s lead designer on the project. The new 88 m2 space boasts a full kitchen, open bar, meeting table and seating area. The result is a more open, lighter atmosphere that includes smart elements to convert the space from event lounge during games to a showroom that can be used for selling and product presentation.

Memorabilia cases highlight the latest Under Armour kits, player-signed equipment as well as other heritage pieces.

The brilliant red bar has hang rails below the bar top to closet hand volume products. The ‘Protect This House’ wall has custom attachments that present face-outs of tops and bottoms, plus footwear. To reinforce the tight relationship between the WRU and Under Armour, heritage cases present past, current and future jersey innovations. The lounge was completed in Nov 2011 with teamwork from Storeage, Storeax, the Millennium Stadium and Yaro Interiors.

With a combination of modern technology balanced with a warmer more traditional atmosphere the lounge will play host to Under Armour representatives, retailers, past and present sportsmen and other WRU supporters.

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