CAÑAMIEL store by Materia Arquitectónica, Mexico City

February 16th, 2012 by retail design blog

Cañamiel is the new Latin American concept store in Mexico City. Opened in July 2011, it unquestionably bears the creativity and sophistication hallmark of Materia Arquitectónica, an emerging studio led by Gustavo Carmona and Lisa Beltrán.

A collage of distinctive atmospheres with the perfect combination of furniture defines several areas inside the store and offers different display options.
These two young architects have created a space which invites customers to live a dynamic shopping experience.

With a wide-range of materials, the architects have created different scenarios that highlight the garments and accessories using neutral textures and solid colors. The use of indirect lighting, contrasting materials and furnishing has been conceptualized according to each collection.

Likewise, all the materials used in this project reflect ecological awareness: Chroma panels, manufactured with the combination of eco-resin plates; sonotubes, made up by several layers of compressed recycled paper; plywood edges to reduce wood consumption; and illumination through LED technology to lower power consumption up to 60% without contaminant materials.

In Cañamiel, Carmona and Beltrán have created a space of versatility and consistent change that enhance the characteristics of each product within an atmosphere that reflects the diversity of the brand, its genuine Latin attitude and its contemporary mind.

About Materia Arquitectónica:
Materia Arquitectónica was established in 2006 by the Mexican architect Gustavo Carmona and his wife, Lisa Beltrán from Puerto Rico, to create projects that redefine the patterns of the surrounding context through a contemporary language while meeting the needs and desires of each client. An added value of these young talented architects – together with their project team-, is their personalized service. “We go beyond the creation of a full comprehensive project. We strive to provide final integration, building spaces that work like perceptual episodes that offer experiences and constant change”. Materia Arquitectónica’s portfolio has been mostly residential and commercial, having an emphasis on High-End Retail design and development. Sumptuous leader brands like Burberry and Louis Vuitton have chosen this architects’ studio to develop their projects and contribute to the design of their stores in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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