ROSA handmade accessories shop by Arhimetrics, Celje – Slovenia

February 20th, 2012 by retail design blog

The idea of this fun and bright fairytale boutique developed through the concept of flower-themed colorful handmade accessories of our client ROSA. We had to transform a small and dark space into a light and positive boutique. We wanted to create a timeless fantasy interior – to get the feeling like entering the shop is entering another world. We took white colour as a base and then added colors and patterns on the specified parts of walls to create an optimal relation between the unique exhibited products and the interior.

The result is a cohesive play of unique design and architecture – selling products are becoming part of interior. Where the ROSA accessories are placed there is always a neutral (white) background for them. With patterns extended over the corners interior space became frameless; you loose a feeling of boundaries and the shop feels bigger. The only standing furniture is the central display table covered in white quilted leather to get a feeling of a boudoir.

Black cherry lamp together with crazy mix of stripes and jungle-themed wallpaper completes the feeling of girls sweet dream that we wanted to create in the boutique. The black and white stripes at the same time allowed us to hide the back door into the design. also the shop entry was completely renewed.

Frameless window shop and glass door can be covered with sliding white panel over the night. Through the dotted perforation you can still »feel« the interior and see the light, but you know the shop is closed. With changing exterior we created more interest in passers-by and stronger interaction between the exterior and the boutique interior.

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2 thoughts on “ROSA handmade accessories shop by Arhimetrics, Celje – Slovenia

  1. Lenon says:

    Fabulas project! Simple and clean 🙂

  2. Ivory says:

    Like the perforated sliding panel…very good logo.

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