PHARMACIES! Maria Schutz pharmacy by steininger.designers, Bad Leonfelden – Austria

April 3rd, 2012 by retail design blog

Pharmacies have attracted more and more public attention over the last few years for two reasons: They are modern service providers, offering a range of products and services beneficial for our beauty and health. And often, they are valuable real estate with eye-catching architectural solutions.

The president of the Upper Austrian Association of Pharmacies, Mag. Thomas Veitschegger, asked steininger.designers to design a modern showpiece pharmacy in Bad Leonfelden, which is located in the hilly northern part of Austria called the Mühlviertel. By doing so he not only strategically directs the future of his industry as president of the chamber, but also promotes the ideal interior of a pharmacy which should be enjoyable yet innovative.

When entering the Maria Schutz pharmacy, the customers are surrounded by natural materials, such as oak, natural stone, and glass. It looks more like a “wellness oasis” than a pharmacy. Large counter tops made of oak invite the customers to consult one of the pharmacists. Drugs and beauty products are neatly arranged on ceiling-high shelves which are located behind the counters.

French designer Stepanie Marin contributes the Living Stones. The comfy felt futons that remind of stones are an exciting contrast to the overall minimalistic appearance of the pharmacy’s interior. The photo wallpaper shows a forest motif and camouflages the closet front.

Thomas Veitschegger and Martin Steininger from steininger.designers both agree that luxurious interior design should not only be a façade but add to the functional elements of the pharmacy and facilitate a perfect organization.

Martin Steininger’s trade name artelier stands for the planning, design, and furnishing of doctors’ offices, pharmacies, labs, and hospital. Beyond that, steininger.designers also offer unique interior design solutions for private clients, where custom-made interior design is combined with Steininger design objects.

Photographer: Catherine Roider

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