Peek & Cloppenburg concept store by dan pearlman, Stuttgart

April 11th, 2012 by retail design blog

What happens when parents are out of the house? The kids take over of course! Their inexhaustible energy knows no bounds and isn’t deterred by parental furnishings: wall coverings are soon covered with lipstick and electric guitars, furniture soaked in favourite colours, and pictures decorated with colourful stickers. A dull, monochromatic palette is history, and a pink moustache adorns a boring portrait over the fireplace.

At Peek & Cloppenburg Weltstadthaus in Stuttgart, the adults have also turned a blind eye seeing as how the kids appear to have been busy here as well. “Creative Kids Home Alone” was the inspiration for dan pearlman’s designers in putting together the new P&C Junior department concept for kids from 0 to 15 years old. The up-to-date look of the over 500-square meter junior fashion area thrills both young trendsetters and their parents alike.

Featuring a music station, a Wii and lots of comfy places to sit down, shopping at P&C becomes a family outing. While the kids run wild and discover one or more favourite outfits on the side, the parents can also shop in comfort…and even let the youngsters out of their sight for a while. The new P&C Junior concept celebrates its premiere on March 28, 2012 in Stuttgart and will soon be on view in other P&C stores.

Volker Katschinski
Creative Director Retail Founder & Associate of dan pearlman

About dan pearlman
dan pearlman is a strategic creative agency for brand strategy, brand communication and brand presentation in terms of holistic brand management.
Our goal is to anchor brands and experiences in the hearts and souls of the people. To deliver this we combine an extensive, strategic competence with high-level creativity in implementation.
In action we take a 360° approach. We cover the entire spectrum, from strategic positioning and developing creative ideas for brands to implementing them in design and media, retail and brand experiences as well as architecture for zoos, hospitality and leisure environments. We offer all the necessary skills under one single roof. Our people are highly talented. They are passionate about their own area of specialisation. And they are able to see the big picture, and beyond.

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