The Doner Company by Concrete, Leiden – Netherlands

April 18th, 2012 by retail design blog

Concrete created a complete new identity for interior and graphic appearance of The Doner Company. An innovative concept to attract new costumers, who find an enjoyable atmosphere as crucial as the quality of the food itself. The Doner Company is an authentic taste experience, offering high quality products and service for the people passing by. Saying good-bye to the snack-bar-feel and environment, show the authentic heritage of the product and improving the workflow behind the counters.

The eye catcher of the dönerbar is a circular wall with a random patchwork of custom-made cement tiles. The diversity of the tiles refers to a Turkish market and creates a lively atmosphere. Various functions are integrated in this wall in functional stainless steel niches. There is one niche for toasting the bread, one for the kebab in the middle and one for preparing the side dishes. The menu and the door to ‘back of the house’ are placed within the wall as well. Two freestanding counters made of stainless steel complement the interior.

To improve the workflow the functions were rearranged in a new order. You immediately see the menu that is shown on three TV screens when you enter the dönerbar. You place your order at the counter. Your bread is already toasting while you grab your drink and pay your bill. Your bread is filled with freshly cut meat while you head on to the counter with the salad bar. There you can choose from a variety of vegetables and salads, presented in round bowls. Finish your kebab with your favourite sauces to choose from and take it either with you or sit down at one of the low tables.

A lot of daylight flows through two glass facades into the space. There is some indirect lighting above the feature wall and hanging lamps by Tom Dixon above the two counters dividing the space in different zones. The mix of colourful cement tiles and stainless steel furniture create a functional yet lively interior where the Turkish roots are interpreted in a modern way.

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