Tom`s Sunglasses stand in Selfridges by Design4Retail, London

April 27th, 2012 by retail design blog

Having worked with Toms for the past year on various footwear projects we were delighted to work help Toms with their latest retail launch for sunglasses. Using the same ‘one for one’ mission statement where previously for every pair of shoes purchased Toms give a new pair of shoes to a person in need this launch for sunglasses ensures for every pair purchased corrective eye treatments are given to people in need in under-developed countries.

This launch is currently taking place in Selfridges Oxford Street and Manchester Exchange Square and we have designed and developed pop-up-shops which provide a unique brand experience within a cool environment incorporating both product and storytelling through interactive elements within the space. The ‘one for one’ mission statement remains paramount to the pop-up-shop and consumers are encouraged to learn about the brands ethos and work in underdeveloped countries before they try on the product. Through clever displays we have highlighted the different eye conditions and how this affects vision and the outcome when treatment is given.  

The pop-up-shops will remain in store throughout March and most of April so get down to these events and get your glasses in time for summer knowing that you will be helping save some ones sight! Toms are a truly inspirational brand and D4R have always been huge advocates of the work they are doing around the globe. We are pleased we get to use our retail experience and help promote this brand through clever retail design at a number of retail doors in the UK.

Design agency: Design4Retail
Store: Selfridges W1 London
Size: 14m x 2.4m
Location: womenswear Street, ground floor
Products: holds 36 x sunglasses and 8 shoes
Materials: Soft wood stained and sanded to give a reclaimed feel, steel for consultation table and stools, large light boxes with full bleed imagery, large printed floor vinyl with mission statement printed on it.

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