Princess of Wales Pub by Space Design Studios, London

June 27th, 2012 by retail design blog

A hundred and fifty years young, The Princess of Wales Pub in leafy Primrose Hill, London, has recently been lovingly renovated by Space Design Studios. The aim was to help this famous pub to have a brand new interior and exterior, new bar, open kitchen and a new restaurant area that can be used for private hire and parties. Space Design Studios were asked to create a design that is in keeping with a traditional pub vibe with an original modern twist.

The ground floor evolves around the action on the central island bar where also the kitchen is a big focus with the viewing windows producing modern British food. What makes this concept work so well is the detail and fresh decorative finishes. The carefully chosen colour palet represented in luxuriant wall coverings and paint finishes. The light fittings play a very important role. They were mostly bespoke chosen purposefully. Space Design Studios wanted to represent the idea of a traditional pub with quirky elements in the artwork too.

Now you can really feel the identity and the individuality of the space. The bar – unlike no other really is a beautiful and functional element and the show kitchen really brings the excitement factor. There are many talking points as you move through the pub – for example the two meter wide chandelier above the bar – completely covered in a mosaic of beautiful vibrant fabrics.

Space Design Studios is an award winning Design and Marketing Company. They have received many awards and accolades since they were formed in 2001 including: “Top 10 most Exciting Design Companies in the UK Restaurant Industry” (Restaurant Magazine), “Publican Award for Best Bar Design, the “Top 20 Designers in the world” (CLASS Magazine), “Local Authority Building Control Award for Bar of the Year” (LABC). They have been creating and designing some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants in the Uk, Europe and Middle East.

Images by Space Design Studios

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