Allen Solly fashion store by Dalziel and Pow, Bangalore – India

July 6th, 2012 by retail design blog

We have been working with Allen Solly, part of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle in India, to design a new retail identity for the brand. Allen Solly was launched in India in 1993 and has developed into one of India’s most loved apparel brands. With its legendary tagline of ‘Friday Dressing’ it set the benchmark for dressing India’s young professionals in the early ’90s. The Allen Solly brand became synonymous with India’s development by catering for the needs of the emerging professional middle class.

Our brief was to refine the brand’s position within the Indian market, with casual style at its core, and to excite the customer with a contemporary Indian environment whilst adding a ‘quintessentially British’ twist. We refreshed the logo and designed a new store environment and communications.

Initially, we defined Allen Solly’s target customer – their influences, references and aspirations – to create a full perspective of their target audience. From this platform we created an environment and communications that were able to deliver the essence of the brand’s personality, capturing a mix of heritage styling within a contemporary space and creating a strong identity for the store.

We put the brand’s core values of freedom and effortless style at the forefront of the design. The concept comprises a backdrop of painted brickwork, utilitarian loft style merchandising and traditional herringbone flooring which brings an element of domesticity to the architecture.

The graphic approach is eclectic, and the store has an equally diverse collection of finishes and treatments. Found objects such as coloured decorative lamps and Allen Solly’s heritage bespoke tartan fabric are layered into the scheme, adding the a rich splash of colour. The successful blend of these elements has revitalised the brand and store environment making it relevant to today’s Allen Solly customer.

In line with the tonality of the the new store concept, we also art directed Allen Solly’s S/S ’12 ‘Friday Dressing’ campain, which can be seen in-store. The new concept store opened in June on 100ft Road, Indiranagar in Bangalore. There has been extremely positive feedback from the client team and, most importantly, Allen Solly’s customers.

David Wright
Group Marketing Director
+44(0)20 7837 7117

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2 thoughts on “Allen Solly fashion store by Dalziel and Pow, Bangalore – India

  1. Very nice execution! My firm Graj+Gustavsen ( created the Allen Solly brand imaging, including the Identity system, refreshed font, and “stag head” logo. (Our inspiration for the mark was the brand’s history from Nottingham, England. The stag is on the crest of Nottingham). Congrats on creating a beautiful shop!

  2. Pluviophilan says:

    very nice but the store looks congested here and there. thankyou

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