Jazzissimo Lounge by Ezzo Design, Timisoara – Romania

July 11th, 2012 by retail design blog

Jazzissimo Lounge in Timisoara’s recently renovated Theresia Bastion captures the essence of relaxation in a carefully designed space. In this new urban environment that encompasses the original Vauban style bastion built three centuries ago, a contemporary, sophisticated lounge welcomes guests with an impressive interior design hosted in the shell of an inspiring historical building.

Imagined by Stefan Lazar and Adrian Hanas of Romanian studio Ezzo Design, this intimate collection of spaces shape another successful project, after the Fresh, Work-Empowering X3 Offices Design. The two zones – the jazz area and the lounge club – merge colors and materials to offer two distinct entertaining spaces: “The authenticity of each area has been transposed through the designer’s feelings and covered in two different, unique shapes: the colors and the masculinity of the jazz area and the young environment given by the lounge club“.

Prepared to construct an elegant, fresh atmosphere around 100 people, Jazzissimo Lounge also has a few other hard to ignore features, photographed by Andi Popescu: “If we take into consideration the jazz area, well the entire atmosphere is drowned in cultured colors and shapes, through natural materials such as wood and leather: in other words Earth Green color and the subtle character of round shaped wood which invest nothing but refinement.

In the jazz area there is hidden a VIP smoking lounge, all covered in whiskey steam and fine cigars, sophisticated talks, catchy ganders and meticulous smiles which all lead to British style. Above this small, intimate universe, we see the stage, a friendly welcoming area for the artists, which is also providing one of the most professionals systems L-Acoustics. In this land of jazz, the toilet is hiding the presence of trombones, handed over to the gentlemen, all drowned in warm lights and colors, wearing the same air of refinement.

The women’s toilet is all natural, with delicate notes, discrete lines and a touch of vintage.” In an interview for Freshome, Stefan Lazar shared his plans for the future: “A thriving development both personally and professionally. I yearn at creating and maintaining a high standard of values so that our hopes and our clients’ outspoken and hidden necessities meet harmoniously“. After seeing this project, we think he’s on the right track, are we right?


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