U-LOUNGE by Design BONO, Seoul

July 12th, 2012 by retail design blog

U-LOUNGE is in the third basement-level of U-PLEX of Hyun-Dai department store. It’s a membership lounge for V.I.P of U-PLEX. ( the shopping mall for young people of Hyun-Dai department store)They are young and inventive trendsetter 18~35-year-old, called Digital nomad. To satisfy them, U-LOUNGE provide several exhibition of limited edition (NIKE, Jeremy Scott, Swarovski, etc.), An abundant variety of colorful attractions and extraordinary experiences. The members can get drink from the vending machine and use multimedia over the special coin of U-LOUNGE. Also, every month have an special exhibition for month on the U-WALL.

“The foggy lake for sunset, Branches of large trees swayed in the wind.” U-LOUNGE holds a scenery like this. The facade covered of gradient sheet looks as if landscape photography about the tree on the lake in the fog. The Main artwork(tree) express the balance of digital and nature metaphorically and Unprocessed wood, Gradation Window film, exposed mass concrete and small lights are shown the twinkling stars the foggy lake. The interior space consist of cafe, DP (gallery), IT zone And this space shall have the meanings and feature as shown below.

1. U-TREE: U-trees unstructured organic lines is important hub to divide and reconcile the floor, ceiling and wall of space. In addition, it represents not only the digital and the natural flow but also individual’s community flow.
2. U-WALL: Transparent acrylic box and the light, raw wood and gradient painting are complementary structure rather than individual objects. Sometimes change to various characteristic space to a gallery with movable walls.

3. IT TABLE: Pieces of logs and log shows the power of nature In the bleak city’s facilities. we wanted to make a shelter so you can feel freedom.
4. DEBRIS D.P WALL: Tree branches are extending from the trees and creating conflict with wall and the tiny shards, they became shelves and tables, counters, etc.

5. WOOD SHELF: To maximize the properties of pure wood and the artificiality digital space, we used pure and raw-ganic log slices and white paint. Rising vertical piece of wood means Forest of nature and the digital, metaphorically.
6. CIRCULAR BOOK BENCH: like a wooden bench on the meadow, It’s designed for modern people to sit and relax with books while a moment.

7. LEAF TABLE: It is leaves shape floating on the lake and shows the complete composure and the passage of time. And means the relationship of human and nature through the gathering and dispersal.
8. LIGHT: The small lights between the branches are embody the stars shining in the night sky.

Designer’s intent is communication of nature and digital through a reinterpretation of the material and physical properties.

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