Furniture family by Vida Útil

August 1st, 2012 by retail design blog

Vida Útil, is a design studio from Medellin – Colombia. We design, manufacture and sell furniture and objects for the new spaces. We create basic, practical and functional solutions for the home, office and rest areas.

Beyond selling items to decorate and make spaces more beautify, we want to inspire people who are starting a new home or office, to live better every day. The philosophy of our brand is to complement the lifestyles of our clients with home furnishing products well-design, with fare prices, sustainable and innovative. Our first collection is a family of furniture for the new spaces: A coat stand, a bookcase, a coffee table and a side table. This furniture was designed for young spaces where the primary is to share, enjoy and relax.

We were inspired by Scandinavian design: soft colors, natural materials, simple shapes and light structures that give life to each design. The materials we use are natural pine wood and plywood of the highest quality. We feel a strong commitment to nature; therefore we use the waste of some wood pieces and design accessories such as coasters, bookends, wine racks and more.

The colors in this first collection were selected from a global trend research and they also talk about our brand identity. This selected colors that give life to our furniture are turquoise, coral and gray. You will find them implemented through innovative and unconventional processes such as stamping on wood. The pattern we designed is printed in a very subtle part of some pieces.

The idea of the pattern is to give life and color to some pieces of furniture without hiding the qualities of wood. All our furniture items are finished with matt lacquer that allows us to highlight and appreciate all the beautiful wood details, such as its grain and knots. These paints are friendly to the environment because they are water based and are free of toxins.

The idea of this collection is to generate a closer bond between consumers and furniture, for this reason the first collection is “Do It Yourself” (DIY). Our furniture comes in flat pack with assembly instructions and all parts ready for assembly. This feature also allows us to save space in shipping and storage at the stores. This is also a solution that strengthens our environmental responsibility. The assembly system is easy, convenient and fast. All our furnishing products are assembled by slots and holes in the wood.

Photography: Alfonso Posada

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