FLOR Stores, USA

August 2nd, 2012 by retail design blog

FLOR, designer and creator of high-fashion modular carpet for the home, is rapidly opening stores across the country and helping design enthusiasts customize area rugs, runners and wall-to-wall solutions perfect for any space.

Neighboring some of the most compelling home and fashion stores in some of the biggest cities – New York, Chicago, San Francisco, L.A. – the FLOR store offers consumers a chance to experience the beauty and flexibility of this premium design system up close and in person. With 11 stores currently open, FLOR has seven more on deck in 2012 in cities such as Portland, Seattle and Denver.

Visitors to FLOR stores interact with the full range of inspiring colors, patterns and textures available in FLOR’s innovative system of 20″ carpet squares. Customers find out quickly just how easy it is to redefine any space by mixing and matching FLOR styles to create custom rugs, runners and wall-to-wall designs of any length, size or shape.

FLOR Stores are designed to encourage customers to actively participate in the creation of their customized FLOR rug by using a specially-designed grid on the floor that allows them to get a sense of the size and scale of their rug concept. Pages from the FLOR catalog are brought to life on the walls and vignettes provide an opportunity to visualize how FLOR can fit into your space.

The stores have a team of experienced FLOR design consultants available – either in-store or in-home through specially-scheduled appointments – to help choose styles, coordinate colors and answer questions on care or assembly. “We want visitors to our FLOR Store to immerse themselves in FLOR’s world of design,” says Chip DeGrace, vice president of creative strategy at FLOR. “They will get a chance to interact with the product and create a truly unique and customized design for their home.”

FLOR’s ongoing commitment to sustainability is brought to life throughout the store as well. Information can be found on FLOR’s use of renewable and recycled materials in its products and store buildout as well as the company’s Return & Recycle Program, through which FLOR takes back old FLOR squares to be recycled into new products.

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