A1 Telekom store by BEHF, Austria

September 22nd, 2012 by retail design blog

BEHF develops innovative service concept for A1 stores. BEHF was commissioned by the new A1 to develop its brand for the three-dimensional area. A1 originated from the Austrian A1 Mobilkom, a mobile communications firm and Telekom Austria AG, the successor corporation to the state-owned postal system and national provider of fixed-line telephony.

Through its elevated design aspirations BEHF’s interior design concept succeeded in conveying A1’s brand values – simplicity, trend-setting ideas and being close to the customer – on an emotional and functional level.The new A1 shop concept is simple, clear-cut, and the possibilities for product presentation are incredibly flexible and multifaceted.

Zones defined with clarity and simplicity made from materials, the brand, its presentation and service elements create a lucid strategy that becomes the guidepost through the complex worlds of products and solutions. The innovative service concept, implemented in architectural terms through the counter (called “Meander”) in the middle of the space, resolves the original uni-dimensional monotone dominating the front for consulting.

The decentralized positioning of the A1 employees and their workspaces successfully divides up consultations and queues within the space. The Meander gets used by consultant and customer alike – as a furniture hybrid of spatial sculpture, bar element, functional furnishing and storage space – thereby fostering and facilitating an innovative and relaxed sales and consulting environment.

The presentation panels are a special new development that enables flexible presentation for the vast array of products from television, cellular technology, fixed-line telephony and internet. Various types of products with the most diverse proportions can be presented in groups and highlighted individually. Subbrands get the chance to be presented without any risk to the umbrella brand. The corporate colors white and green define the space. The unique vintage furniture evoke the familiarity of being at home – the world which both the client and the employee come from.


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