Mangiamo restaurant by ZZ Architects, Mumbai

October 8th, 2012 by retail design blog

In Italian Mangiamo means ‘Lets Eat’. Mangiamo, a fine dining Italian restaurant, is located at a busy juncture of Bandra, one of the prime suburbs of Mumbai city. Mangiamo has taken the place of a popular restaurant Copper Chimney and is spread across 2500 square feet with an additional outdoor area. The fact that the location and property were already well known and recognized, made the designing more challenging. Considering the hospitable nature of its owners, the restaurant is designed to extend warm and welcoming atmosphere to the visitors.

The restaurant opens into a lounge that allows for Al Fresco dining where one can enjoy the cool breeze in the evenings. The indoor setting, split into upper level and basement seating, offers a comfortable dining environment. An indoor bar setting is a treat to the senses. The bar, designed with backlit onyx and the DJ station, form the focal point of the indoor dining area.

The restaurant is designed as a hugely well-fashioned and chic joint. The overall look of the restaurant is very international and is inspired by Ar. Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin’s many trips to fashionable districts of Milan. The subtle classy color scheme runs throughout the restaurant, which exudes style & comfort.

The material palette consists of glass, marble and wood. Basement area is designed with reflective Barrisol ceiling. Special folded paper based wall covers have been used to create unique environment in the lower basement level. Live Wood Fired Pizza Counter, located at the upper level takes the Italian Dining Experience to other level.

A lot of emphasis is laid on lighting and music. A lot of unconventional light fittings have been used, as lighting is a strong element in all ZZ Architects’ projects. Stylish square shaped chairs, wood finished tables, muted lighting and a glowing marble finish bar, all add up to the dining experience which is warm and comfortable.

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