Tourillon collection by Les Elémentaires

October 18th, 2012 by retail design blog

Les Elémentaires is going to launch the Tourillon collection, its first, at the prominent Artisan Social Designer gallery from September 8th – 16th as part of Paris Design Week. Les Elémentaires is a conglomeration of three partners, designers Irène Berthezène and Jean Couvreur, and marketer Marie Smaniotto. Their complimentary experience creates an alternative to major brands. This collection’s emphasis is on youthful creation and builds its basis on the rod.

“This piece of cylindrical wood in various diameters is a semi-finished product which really only exists once it has been assembled. Les Elémentaires has thus sought to highlight the ingenuity of mechanical assemblies which create the function and give life to the object.”

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