Noon fast food restaurant by Maam, Paris

November 24th, 2012 by retail design blog

Noon, a famous organical fast food brand in Paris, chose Maam for the design of it new restaurant located near the Madeleine church. The place just opened its doors with a fresh and contemporary design, and a retro style like just getting out of a Mad Men episode.

As the old façade was really unaesthetic, it was totally realized for the project. The design is the perfect mix between the traditional parisian wood façade, and the modern and clean lines of its new mouldings. As a final touch, a sweet range of grey tones. The interior is inspired by the sensations of picnics in the nature, with a vichy pattern applied to the fllor, and a warm and natural color palette.

As the area of the restaurant was very small (36m2 included the kitchen) the architects decided to use a minimalistic style focusing on the production of personalized furniture. The wall behind the counter is entirely covered with mirrors creating the feeling of a bigger space and carrying the menuboards. For the lighting, a well-balanced environment was created by choosing some nice models from Modular and Deltalight. In the middle of the crazyness of the market for this type of restaurant in the French capital, this new Noon appears like a different and surprising experience.

About Maam:
Maam is a design agency based in Colombia specialized in creating contemporary interiors, brands and experiences. Co-founded and directed by french interior designer Mathieu Vaissié and Colombian designer Mafe Maldonado, Maam creates projects since 2009 all around the world in collaboration with clients and partners.

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