Zara installation by Duccio Grassi Architects, Milan

December 17th, 2012 by retail design blog

During the Salone del Mobile 2012 Zara shows in its flagship store on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Milan, an installation created by Duccio Grassi. The brand and the architect actually share the same inspiration following which everyone with Zara can compose his/her own fashion idea: definitive totems do not exist, neither do styles to be pursued or rules to be respected. The only rule is fragmentation: the way of being for each of us is made by many, mixed and recomposed, photograms.

And it is “this forest of images”, according to Duccio Grassi, that “reflects the communication metropolis where we live, and that has to be walked through, with courage, every day”. The installation is composed by 14 white rigid PVC columns with an aluminum internal structure. The 4-meters-high totems are visible by the shop entrance and though two white sides and two led or back lighted screens-sides show Zara SS 2012 campaign images. The base is a wood and steel perforated structure. Three mannequins complete the art piece.

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One thought on “Zara installation by Duccio Grassi Architects, Milan

  1. bugs says:

    Its a pricy decore!!!!!!!
    But i think milan is fashion capital
    So zara need such a decore to attract people

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