Paul Smith women’s store, Paris

December 25th, 2012 by retail design blog

Classic style goes a long way, and the French in particular have always had a soft spot for how Paul Smith renders it highly fashionable too. The British brand has just opened a fifth store in Paris, and the first dedicated exclusively to its women’s collections. The interior design of the shop is in check with the sophisticated style of the existing Paul Smith shops in the French capital, playfully mixing antique and modern elements.

Shoppers are beckoned from afar by five framed, black vinyl and bronze finish window displays, while illuminated bronze signage matches the window and door surrounds. The interior features antique furniture and fittings are matched with white terrazzo flooring and bronze detailing. The store is divided into three main areas. The women’s mainline apparel and accessories is showcased in the centre of the store, surrounded by an abundance of photographs of renowned photographer Irving Penn.

Freestanding display units based on the designs of the Wiener Werkstätte – a fav style of the Brit designer – showcase sunglasses and bags. The men’s only shoe room is located on the left-hand side of the shop. Shoes are displayed on a continuous shelf around the inside of the windows. Antique furniture forms a focal feature with ‘found room’ decoration similar to the back of the Paul Smith store in London’s Albemarle street. A selection of higher end shoes and accessories is located on the right hand side of the shop, along with an oval clothing rail for women’s black label. A small salon area is situated at the back right-hand side of the shop with painted panelled changing rooms.

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