Letter to you Letter from you installation by Kazunori Matsumura & TYMOTE, Tokyo

January 7th, 2013 by retail design blog

This work is a window design for a fashion shop collaborated with a design company, TYMOTE. We were asked by the shop to design a window on the theme of “Letter”. This design composed by 1500 pieces of envelope and 200 pieces of postcard. By using the transmissive quality of envelope, we created soft curtain it’s like “Shoji”, Japanese paper screen in the shop. From outside of view, huge envelopes look like flying in the window. From inside of view, huge envelopes create patters of light and shadow. This is an enjoyable window design from outside and inside.

Designed by Kazunori Matsumura & TYMOTE


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2 thoughts on “Letter to you Letter from you installation by Kazunori Matsumura & TYMOTE, Tokyo

  1. Nivedita Dwivedi says:

    its great how simple things can do blockbuster things…… only I want to know why the theme is letter in this digital world?

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