Liu Jo Grand Boutique by Christopher G. Ward, Milan

January 25th, 2013 by retail design blog

“Simplex munditiis” , declaimed Orazio.
Simple in its refinement: the modernity of antique Rome lifestyle’s view is not traditionalism-synonym nor intellectual rigidity. It’s a supreme inspiration for a new lifestyle, modern in its mood as well as in the design. Look and contents mix together the brand new retail concept of Liu Jo retail concept by Christopher G. Ward.

Constructive lightness, simplicity, elegance remind us of the oratian philosophy underneath Ward’s project. A modern and hi-tech philosophy, sophisticated and interactive, in which lightness and innovation melt and communicate with each other, taking the client into a vanishing reality, leading the eye to each detail, to the single object and its unicity in perfect harmony with the whole.

The general mood concept, as for each corner, leaves behind every trace of sought-after casualty in order to create a sophisticated projectile spontaneous atmosphere, a new and clear approach, as expressly declared in the “Designer touch” choice, through Tom Dixon furniture. …., these, chosen from the “Home” products and sinergically coherent with the other elements.

Suspension lights, armchairs and light moquette welcomes the client in a home-feeling. relaxing and comfortable space which is not an issue. Space is lived and greatly enjoyed. Clothes lead the eye along the flowing geometric, gold lines of the …… gently covered with pearled wallpaper. Clientele lives the conceptual transition “from Store to Boutique” from inside thru an unconscious and genuine process. The “grand” gold listed wall, with different depth’s levels, becomes a modern sculpture set for accessories (bags and shoes) that seem to flow.

High resolution glass back-printed onyx, superbly cover the “curiosity” stands with preciosity. Gradient colored glasses show a back-set and simultaneously dematerialize structural elements (columns): these two elements on the exposure walls creating light and continue series of champagne color metals, bright or brushed, highlighting clothes. Light opaque ceramic floors, integrated lights light up products, for a selected research.

The project is always attractive, pleasant and coherent with the refined complexity of stings and interior settings not affecting the client, absorbed in a comfortable and never overwhelming journey.Visitors experience it’s not over yet: “Fitting lounges”, warm and elegant rooms transform the “hard and lonely” choice’s process in quite comfortable private moments.An expert eye immediately gets the smart materials choice, elements, furniture and lights making Ward’s innovating project something more than a mere stylistic and intellectual exercise.

Combination of style and modernity, innovation and interactiveness, a focused light system and furniture expand sensorial perception to a different experience from a simple shopping tour.
“WOW factor” is what Christopher Ward himself wanted so badly to represent his project together with simplicity. And that’s what he got. A simple wow…

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