Riccovero fashion store by Scenario Interior Architects, Oslo

January 25th, 2013 by retail design blog

It was in partnership with Riccovero™ that we developed a concept that plays on their heritage and history. The customer is concerned with good design, quality and fit. Together we have come up with a concept that will reinforce their identity for the future and for the development of new and existing retail spaces.

Scenario in cooperation with the customer used photographs with original buttons and a tape measure to emphasize the importance of tailor-made tradition. This can be seen on several of the walls that have printed designs and specially designed tables that are used to exhibit products.

The shop is located at the end of “Byporten” shopping center in Oslo and it is without Windows. therefore it was free to use the Walls for display as much as possible, and create a system that was both flexible and decorative. Scenario exploited the asymmetric premises and continued this in the angles of plateaus that are used to display, suspension, seat upholstery and general exhibition.

The colors are kept neutral and slightly dark, with hints of smooth surfaces and details to make the right & exclusive impression that the customer wanted. The contrasts were therefore also important to highlight a few items and give the room a little drama. The materials are welcoming dark wood, bras, bright tiles, leather, mirrors, glass, sisal rugs and felt.

The lighting in the room is important, and this is where much of the contrast is. Special Surface boxes in matt-black metal is equipped with flexible mocking luminaires that provide direction and drama to the room as well as flexible and functional lighting products. Luminaires are also helping to confirm the asymmetric angles in the room This is the first of the chain’s stores have a new dress, but with time we will see Riccovero in new look in several places around the country.

Interior architect: AS Scenario Interior Architects MNIL
Photographer: Gatis Rozenfelds, F64

About the brand:
70 YEARS OF TAILOR HISTORY: In 1936 Einar Kvamme started his tailor practice, which led to a Norwegian manufacturer in the years after the war. When the son, Jan Kvamme, took over the company concentrated on producing trousers – Kvamme Clothing Industry AS. His grandson Finn Einar Kvamme, with his youth eagerness, wanted to do something more exciting and established Riccovero AS in 1986. Finn Einar Kvamme wanted to make nice suits, and design was from now on the company’s best weapon.

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