Canalla Taqueria fast food restaurant by Manifiesto Futura, San Pedro

February 4th, 2013 by retail design blog

Canalla is a project that had us sweating a few drops. We wanted to show our traditional fast food, the taco, as a Mexican taco joint a walking ranger would stop for. We had to work with raw materials and make a bunch of prototypes and sketches before we made our final pick. Complicated nights and sundays over at the workshop but we made it! not leaving out the laughs along the way.

Interior & branding by Manifiesto Futura

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2 thoughts on “Canalla Taqueria fast food restaurant by Manifiesto Futura, San Pedro

  1. demasiado hipster para mi… lo único que no me gusta son las botellas de salsa, parecen medicinas

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