Mochi Toys & Colored Pages Series by Kooroo Kooroo

February 9th, 2013 by retail design blog

Crochet Toy Packaging
Kooroo Kooroo is an independent brand working to create matter from life with color and personality. Our idea is to create a colorfully vivid, expansive universe, rich in ideas that focus on unique, experimental expressions of human empathy. We choose to apply our talents towards providing positively enlightening experiences that seamlessly educate, entertain, stimulate, and endure.

Kooroo Kooroo’s design is meant to teach as well as illustrate a tactile form of a complex idea. Our packaging serves the same philosophy, to encourage the use of fundamental principles that can be applied to life for learning, growing, and spreading good feeling. These principals we all know, but often times forget while progressing through a busy and demanding life.

Inspired by the tactile form of a loving warm embrace, the Mochie series packaging is our interpretation of a hug. With arms tightly secured and limbs closely guarding the heart, what is precious is locked away. It was important to remind others that within the simple act of a hug – sometimes simply opening up, can lead to the most invaluable rewards.

Journal Packaging
Kooroo Kooroo’s Colored Pages series marks our first creative endeavor into the world of creative, streamline, designer journals. With thoughtful packaging that wraps the content with introspective philosophy, we wanted to remind others that inspiration is undoubtedly the fruit of the earth: plentiful and high-yielding when tended and maintained. The packaging also promises a second layer of surprise, that rewards a slower contemplation.

For us, it is necessary to move away from distracting packaging and products that have no value and do not add to the quality of being. Packaging, as well as product, should have depth and appreciation for heart, crafted with specific intent to help add value to its consumers’ lives or contribute to the overall quality of the human condition. We strive to apply mindful principals and thoughtful expressions of human empathy that illustrate a universal truth as an alternative to mechanical product lines.

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