HERMOSA pharmacy by Marketing-Jazz, Mancha Real – Spain

March 1st, 2013 by retail design blog

200 m2 of pharmacy. Beautiful and Spectacular. These are the two most repeated words by everyone who has seen it. Located in Mancha Real, a small village in the mountainous province of Jaén. It is named after its owner, Catalina Hermoso, a person with a dream: To have the best possible pharmacy for her clients, “Everyone likes a bit of luxury” she kept saying when I presented the project.

The facade would be very difficult to create in a large city or shopping centre. A 6 metre high x 6 metre wide cross and a show-stopping display of 64 backlit acrylic “albarellos”, each one with a different message. Wow! Are we in Jaén or New York? The entrance feels like you are stepping into beauty salon; two African Coralwood coated pillars with mirrors, one with a water fountain, offer a fresh and delightful welcome. A collection of circular shelves adorn all the walls in the main room.

The shadows are part of the image; the product is presented to entice not to overwhelm, to tell a delectable story: your beauty is waiting to be discovered, “Try me”. The design of the room for body-care, oral hygiene and dietary products is centred on a wall with niches where the light and the colour of the wood are part of Farmacia Hermosa’s unique identity. Acrylic “albarellos” and “tester” spaces form part of the product presentation, bringing the product closer to the client.

Medicine and children’s products are sold in a room christen “The garden of health”. Wow! The patio of this village house has been converted into a beautiful room with an African Coralwood chequered roof, where the natural light harmonises with the pharmacy lighting.

The cash registers are albarellos and the products are presented in “flower beds”. There are Provençal style waiting benches, a cabin for pharmaceutical services and a stall for the promotion of children’s products. An external garden for growing medicinal plants, a ball-pit for the younger children to enjoy and an array of photographs of happy children encourage you to browse through the entire Pharmacy. “Mummy, I want to get sick so I can come back to this pharmacy”, can often be heard.

Designed by Marketing-Jazz

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