Hinoki & The Bird restaurant by MAI studio, Los Angeles

March 27th, 2013 by retail design blog

Hailing from Boston, David Myers is a culinary phenomenon of sorts who gained instant fame when opening Sona restaurant in Los Angeles in 2002. Since then Myers has established a string of acclaimed eateries both in the U.S. and in Tokyo. An avid global traveller, Myers has taken cues from his findings along the ancient silk road in Asia to create Hinoki & The Bird, his newest eatery in Los Angeles.

Located on the ground floor of the century, a new luxury condo highrise in Beverly Hills, the restaurant is designed by architect Milo Garcia and features a spacious and open dining environment that’s welcoming and vibrant, while at the same time lavish and laid-back. Upon entering Hinoki & The Bird guests encounter charred cedar wood, melding into a massive door that peeks into the activity within through interwoven glass and timber.

A perched foyer funnels toward a ‘stacked’ stairwell of solid walnut. The spacious dining area is lined with original oak walls, reclaimed from an old barn. In fact there’s an abundance of wood here, as the entire ceiling is playfully composed of contorted cedar planes, giving the dining area a romantic edge. When proceeding guests encounter an understated contemporary bar, lit by curved brass lamps dangling from the ceiling, and an elongated communal table with seats made up of flea market chairs reimagined.

This section of the restaurant is surrounded by curved brass panels and rows of cabinets that slide open, framed by gleaming overlapping aluminum reminiscent of a midcentury diner. Facing the bar is an open kitchen, silhouetted in acid-etched glass, and stacked antique kitchenware atop brass shelving.

The adjacent aged steel and glass wall marks the portal to the expansive outdoor patio, which actually constitutes more than half of the entire restaurant. Adding up to Hinoki & The Bird’s eclectic aesthetics is seating grouped from 1930s-inspired bus benches, alongside denim patchwork sofas, all enclosed within a lush wall of vines. With David Myers’ extensive travel background, the menu can only be globally inspired and features only fresh seasonal ingredients. All dishes – from starters right up to desserts – have Myers’ inimitable signature creativity, marrying the best of modern California cooking with subtle Asian influences. The same expertise counts for mixologist Sam Ross’ cocktail program which is comprised of a wide range of sophisticated concoctions that’ll stun the most jaded of bar hoppers.


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