Kookwinkel Bianca Bonte store by OmasHuisje Design, Oostburg – The Netherlands

April 16th, 2013 by retail design blog

The store design was made by OmasHuisje Design for cooking store “Kookwinkel Bianca Bonte” in Oostburg, The Netherlands. The store has reopened it’s doors friday 29 March 2013 after a radical renovation – the first in 24 years. Store owner Bianca Bonte wanted us to design the new store as big, rough and industrial as possible, without making the design too inaccessible for it’s mainly senior customers.

Part of the floor is power floated concrete, the other part is bleached solid oak parquet; some walls have been stripped of their original plastering, leaving raw bricks; other walls have been painted with a grey polymer based paint which creates a rough surface. There’s an indoor window display created from two shipping container doors mounted to the rough brick wall. The storage room (on the first floor) has been cladded with corrugated steel sheets with small windows in them.

Some furniture is custom made, like the cooking island, a display table and a chandelier made out of discarded cooking tins. Other furniture is second-hand.

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  1. That’s simply not true Paul. Sure, Jeroen manufactured some elements but the designs were all ours, we’ve got the sketches to prove it.

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