Kellogg’s headquarters by 3g office, Madrid

April 25th, 2013 by retail design blog

Flexible Office is the result of the application of the criteria of flexible working to office space, therein the main reason to come to the headquarters is to establish peer relationships, hence the office must accommodate to a dynamic use of space. 3g office together with Kellogg defined the menu of spaces, including open informal meeting spaces, meeting rooms of various sizes, modular multipurpose hall, club, individual cabins, room for creativity, concentrated work room. 3g designed KOffice office, a working environment tailored to the needs of the company.

In a traditional office most of the space is occupied by individual workstations, generating closed and isolated environments. In this project the communication and interaction spaces occupy over 50% of the floor, thereby meeting is encouraged and synergies between different departments. Great care was taken in the detail design and circulation areas in terms of size and complexity, creating a dynamic environment that fosters the relationship between employees.

The proposed implementation involves a spatial change since offices and assigned workstations disappear, being replaced by empty places, following a clean tables policy at all levels of the company. With this the cost of implementation and subsequent associated costs were significantly reduced. The new headquarters of Kellogg’s in Madrid forms part of the idea of KOffice flexible office concepts and their many benefits, answering all the needs and starting points of the customer.

The proposal developed by 3g office is a sustainable office, designed preferably with recycled and recyclable materials. The proposal developed by 3g office is a sustainable office, preferably designed with materials recycled and recyclable. Where environmental sustainability and economic savings are combined in a space which consumes much less energy, paper, toner, etc.. than the previous location.

The project incorporated the technology solutions that enable employees to work anytime, anywhere, both within the home and outside. Increasing productivity and giving the best possible balance between work and personal life. One year after the implementation, a survey of intangible assets was administered, where the model of Flexible Office established rated the best with an average of 8.92 out of 10, promoting the retention of talent in the company.

In this project the work of 3g office was beyond the design of a leading-edge work environment. In conjunction with the client the model and the working systems of Kellogg were modified in order to adapt the company to the current needs of flexibility and cost rationalization, developing its activity in a high quality corporate headquarters.

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