Exhibition installation by Trafik Kör, Budapest – Hungary

April 30th, 2013 by retail design blog

Exhibition installation in Budapest Architecture Centrum – It was made by Trafik Kör – Contemporary Art Association for its first introduction in the capital of Hungary. Trafik Kör works mainly in the country side in a small town, Dabas, but it is more and more attractive in Budapest, too.

The exhibition space is roughly homogeneous, only the colourful carpet is a different element of the hall. The architects tried to strengthen the white painted brick wall with white cubes on the wall, and then they glued up the colourful photos on the cubes. In this way the colours of the carpet and photos reflect to each other. The photos on cubes were put on the wall in a thematic and chronological way, which clearly demonstrate the operation of the association so far.

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