Superette café, Cape Town

May 11th, 2013 by retail design blog

One of our favourite cafés in Cape Town, Superette is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Justin Rhodes and Cameron Munro. Having set up at the hugely popular Neighbourgoods Market back in 2006, the foods and goods mantra remained – now slap bang in the middle of The Woodstock Exchange culture hub, it’s not hard to see why Superette is one of the city’s favourite hang-outs.

Vibrant and incredibly stylish, the space is like a ray of sunshine; old-fashioned subway tiles set the backdrop, untreated wood and powder-coated yolk-yellow metal chairs allow for the hanging plants and chosen products to shine through. Showcasing art and key pieces found in the many studios and workshops of Woodstock, Superette continues to pioneer local design. The large windows allow for great footfall, and the café acts as the face and welcome to the Exchange.

Chef Lyndall Maunder and Aisha Redpath Treppo look after the daily changing menu. Whatever you can stick ‘between two slabs of bread’ generally goes, from pork belly to Chalmar sirloin steak, if you’re not tempted by one of their all-day breakfasts, maybe a ‘Man Size’ lasagne or freshly made pastries will tickle your fancy. For drinks; coffee and craft beer are the main fare, customers can choose from two roasteries – Deluxe Coffee Works and Rosetta Roastery.

Afternoon coffee, and an abundance of fresh and seasonal ingredients may distract you from what the rest of The Woodstock Exchange has to offer; independent shops, studios, galleries, you name it… 66 Albert Road is one of the most exciting spots in Cape Town, and Superette acts as one of its key cultural leaders.

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