Terveer branding by Purpose-Built

May 19th, 2013 by retail design blog

From concept to completion, Purpose-Built created a brand that pairs progressive design with perfume oils inspired by the founder’s travels. Discovery is constant and consistent with packaging and printed materials engineered to exude quiet sophistication and a tactile approach to fragrance application. The creation of Terveer shares the founder’s story through the purity of perfume oil. Inspired by their mother, Marie Terveer, these concentrated blends truly represent her as an unusually cosmopolitan farm girl with a passion for beauty. Each carefully crafted scent embodies nature in its most authentic form taking sisters, Annie and Therese Gibbons, on a layered journey from their past to their present.

Terveer’s calling card is in its dark inky blue coloring. The moody blue leads to an identity that is uniformly subtle and restrained. Memorable paper quality and tasteful customization is found in the engraved logo on the business cards while personalized note cards and letterpress allow the founders a bit of self-expression. Packaging creation is explored through materials and finishes both contemporary and tactual. This can be seen through handmade rigid boxes wrapped in a textured paper that resembles twill fabric. Each box contains protective foam that encases a turned aluminum vessel identified as the PerfumeAlum. This portable component is engineered to resemble a jewelry-like keepsake and refillable using interchangeable rollerballs decorated with water transfer labels.

The end goal was to create a product that allows users to encounter the perfume oils in a more tangible manner. This approach not only allows the wearer a more personal experience but also gives a nod to the past with every use. The website tells a story through the exploitation of activated images. The objective was to create a site that integrates the founder’s personalities while at the same time providing the viewer with a comprehensive experience that ensures sell-through.

Terveer’s balance between progressiveness and personalization establishes an enduring heritage ahead of its time through the pairing of design and scent. In this way, the brand truly represents Purpose-Buillt’s mission to provide turnkey solutions in three simple terms: Brand, Product and Space.

Creative Director: Larry Paul
Designer: Marie Dolan
Designer: Mi Rae Park
Copywriter: Cameron Chambers
Stylist 1: Richard Owings
Stylist 2: Andrew Spargo


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