Fasano Boa Vista Hotel by Isay Weinfeld, Porto Feliz – Brazil

May 30th, 2013 by retail design blog

Giving great importance to design and aesthetics, each Fasano resort has that one-of-a kind approach which we so long for. Amongst our most favorable is the Fasano Boa Vista Hotel, a 750 hectare complex in Porto Feliz, 100km from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Here we can see the yearning that has covered all our souls for the past 10 years for the ideals of the 1950’s & 60’s. It is not just about Mad Men, it is a longing that this hotel has successfully recreated to bring back that unique lifestyle through design and character.

Of course the architect that has created this masterpiece is none other then Fasano’s favorite Mr. Isay Weinfeld, a creator of the 50’s dream, who always excites us. Placed on one of the highest spots of the property and overlooking one of the lakes and the sunset, the hotel building is defined by a large structure of pronounced horizontality, composed by two symmetric wings – they draw light curves, one slightly concave and the other slightly convex – flanking the Core body and the outcome is truly breathtaking.

Looking at the Core in front of the lake at night you can almost feel the deep emotion of sweet sorrow. Focusing on the architecture itself in the wooden beams and the glazed partitions in combination with the stonework, this building is a tribute to its nostalgic style. Romance, elegance and appreciation is everywhere.

The reception lobby and veranda develop in succession, and in turn allow for wider perspectives until, ultimately, unveiling the lake and the extensive green landscape. On the underground level, the bar and restaurant extend outdoors onto a large deck projecting over that harmonically beautiful lake.

Photo © Fernando Guerra, FG+SG Architectural Photography


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