SHOE STORES! Coccodrillo by Verso shoe salon by Glenn Sestig, Antwerp

June 2nd, 2013 by retail design blog

Two of Antwerp’s leading purveyors of luxe have forged a collab: Coccodrillo and Verso. While the first carries an exceptional range of designer shoes, the latter is home to high-end fashion labels and related offerings. The newly established Coccodrillo by Verso shoe salon is accommodated at the detached front retail section of the verso’s flagship, formerly occupied by a plush martini bar. The Coccodrillo by Verso shoe salon is designed by Ghent-based architecture practice Glenn Sestig which merged the ornate aesthetics of the Verso store with Coccodrillo’s minimalism.

A single column extends as an island bench seat, and elliptical custom-made display tables surround the perimeter of the space. The extensive use of marble and warm green tones creates an environment of quiet luxury and quality in which the shoes become the natural focus of attention. The salon epitomizes the brand synergy of the two stores while offering the chance to explore a wider spectrum of new and established talents in shoe design.

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