The Game installation at Honour Among Thieves store by Studio Twocan, Melbourne

June 27th, 2013 by retail design blog

Studio Twocan have launched their newest work at Honor Among Thieves, Chapel Street. Commissioned by owner Roy Christou, the installation echoes the brand ethos of rebellion and upheaval, inviting customers on an imaginative jail break adventure.

The Game begins when you enter the store. A network of cables are suspended from the ceiling with flying fox seats ready to glide throughout the space. The hand crafted tools, weaponry and armour are reminiscent of traditional children’s toys. Made from reconstituted household objects; corkscrews have been turned into knuckle busters; hubcaps to body armor and shoehorns to spades. Each tool key to the prisoners escape.

Studio Twocan
Studio Twocan is made up of sibling design duo, Maddie and Becc Sharrock. Sharing a keen life-long interest in creativity, their chosen paths have led the sisters in different though intersecting directions. Becc, described as direct, organised and pragmatic – has a career within the graphic design realm, having worked at various prominent design studios throughout Melbourne. Maddie, the fearless and shameless younger sister, holds a keen interest in fine art and production having exhibited work in both Melbourne and London.

The sisters collaboration highlight the power of shared skill and knowledge in challenging the way we design, make and experiment. Their works achieve an innovative link between design and art production.

Honor Among Thieves
After 25 years in fashion and a three-year hiatus, designer Roy Christou is back with his new label, Honor Among Thieves. Equal parts dashing and disheveled, the Honor Among Thieves label pioneers a return to easy dapper that plays to the scoundrel in all of us.

Roy is dedicated to the pursuit of luxury without pretence, and in advocating a smart interpretation of casual. He bears all the marks of a fashion veteran – perfect shapes, cuts and lines; fine fabrics sourced from Australia and Japan, designed to be worn stripped back or piled on. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Oscar Wilde and Nick Cave, Roy’s collections embody a refined 1950’s rascal aesthetic.

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  1. Juan Carlos says:

    The visual merchandising is not good…and the props are very confusing and scattered…

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