P.F. Chang restaurant by Aria Group Architects & Bloom Lighting Group, Laval – Canada

July 23rd, 2013 by retail design blog

P.F. Chang’s chain of upscale Chinese-inspired casual dining restaurants is best known in the United States. However, the contemporary bistros operate in 13 other countries around the world and recently completed the opening of one of 3 Canadian locations in Laval, Quebec. Aria Group Architects, Inc. has a long standing relationship with P.F. Chang’s and has designed spaces for the chain previously. The firm was engaged to design the Laval restaurant.

“P.F. Chang’s is not a cookie-cutter brand. Each location is designed differently depending on the market and the space available,” explained Shannon Sterne, Senior Architectural Designer at Aria Group Architects, Inc. “The design intent of this location was to maintain the recognizable feel of P.F. Chang’s, and apply that to a different market using fresh, modern lighting and design elements.”

Bloom Lighting Group was chosen to develop a range of custom lighting fixtures to realize the vision of the design team. Entering the restaurant, it is impossible not to notice the 10 brass ring chandeliers that dominate the reception and bar area. This impressive lighting arrangement is a modernized take on traditional P.F. Chang’s styling, with slimmed down frames and exposed lamps producing an industrial feel.

Three different sizes of chandeliers are used, ranging from 78” to 126” in diameter. Each has vertical rods, hosting light sources at both ends, distributed around the circumference of its rings. Set at different heights, and laid out in an irregular fashion, these powerful lighting statements provide a dynamic effect and add depth to the space.

Antique finished brass pendants over the host stand and diner’s booths complement brass features throughout the restaurant’s interior. The geometric, faceted edges offer interesting and elegant detail while providing natural warmth to the space as light softly reflects off the brass finish.

The restaurant’s community table, specially designed for this location, is illuminated by six pendants that run along its length. Providing a subtle glow for group get-togethers, the line of fixtures makes for a strong visual impact. Four matte black metal aircraft cable arms connect each light to the ceiling. The 3 watt G4 LED lights are enveloped in amber etched glass shades that maintain the feeling of warmth throughout the bistro.

“Sometimes lighting doesn’t get noticed, but this is impactful,” said Sterne. “Patrons will notice and remember the lighting in this restaurant.”

Designer: Aria Group Architects, Inc., Oak Park, Illinois
Photography: Peter Ford Photography

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