Window display at theSPACE by SFD, London

July 26th, 2013 by retail design blog

Following the successful launch of their new mannequin ranges, SFD have launched a brand new window display in their London showroom (theSPACE) themed on the art of retail. Created as a living flowing art installation by the Design team at SFD, the concept showcases the core services of the SFD brand in an unusual and eye catching way.

“Window Displays can be very static in their nature, we wanted to showcase our creative thinking and create a real show stopper, whilst also highlighting our key services to clients” Andi Grant Creative Director

Featuring four white mannequins coloured ink slowly drips from a paint can suspended above, to create unpredictable and dramatic results. “For us the art of retail is combining all of these expertise together, from retail design and shopfit to visual merchandising and mannequins resulting in contemporary brand led retail experiences for customers and brands alike” Henry Ellis-Paul, Creative Designer

Over the next few weeks the Design team at SFD will be refilling the paint tins on a regular basis to slowly build up multiple layers of paint, resulting in four uniquely finished mannequins. “Since launching the windows we have had people stopping and taking photos, as well as visitors enquiring as to our services and how we can help them maximise their retail spaces.” Emma Stacey, VM Designer

The window display will be in situ for the next few weeks and is located at theSPACE, our display showroom featuring some of our contemporary mannequins, visual merchandising and shopfit products. Visitors are welcome to see our refreshed display space and experience the window display in action!

Stella Mccartney butterfly window display
Stella Mccartney buttterfly window display.
Victoria Beckham for Harvey Nichols display
Victoria Beckham for Harvey Nichols display
GANT windows 2013, Vienna
GANT windows 2013, Vienna
Springfield windows 2014 Spring, Budapest
Springfield windows 2014 Spring, Budapest

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  1. Thomas Smith says:

    Retailer should change their display structure to attract customer and helps in publicity of retailer also.

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